Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Velveteen Count

102 Weeks

Ren's love for his favorite Sesame Street friend, Count von Count, increases daily. Ren counts and famously guffaws, he sings songs in a strange toddler/Transylvanian accent, and Count has had more toys taped to his head (Ren likes hats) than, well, I think there isn't a metaphor here...

Friday, October 14, 2016

"Good job banging, Mommy. It looks ridiculous." —Ren Thomas Skura

101 Weeks

First World Problems

100 Weeks

The Montessori method is an educational system in which we truly believe and have witnessed Ren blossom. It emphasizes respect for a child's independence and support for his natural curiosities. He's learned many new things. Within days of his first few classes, Ren was communicating clear ideas and talking about the other kids in the class. "Mommy, I want a Popsicle please and I want to eat it on the rug." We feel so lucky this program is around the corner from our home and that we are able to send him there three mornings a week.

He's also discovered the inside of his nose.

"Aw you'll survive." —Ren Thomas Skura

99 Weeks