Thursday, September 1, 2016

"The circle of life is good." —Ren Thomas Skura

95 Weeks

The Bicycle Thief

94 Weeks

This week Greg took Ren to Long Island to meet his distant relatives in town from Italy. Most conversations were not in English. Ren looked simultaneously curious and frightened with all of the Fellini yelling. They ate giant cookies and Ren played hide-and-seek with the youngest cousin until Ren tripped in the hallway and bloodied his nose.

Two weeks ago, our threesome went to Red River, New Mexico to spend a couple of days with mommy's side of the family. Most conversations were about driving directions. Ren was equally terrified and excited taking the glass elevator from the lodge lobby to our room, and within hours of our arrival Ren was asking to wear his older kid cousin's hat. We ate milkshakes and biscuits and gravy, and mommy rode a mechanical bull.

Sometimes you do things because you remember life is short. Sometimes you do them because life is long. Sometimes you get lucky and capture the perfect moment in a perfect picture.