Tuesday, November 21, 2017


First Day of Bard Pre-school - 153 Weeks

Ren. He was there. - 153 Weeks

This kid. Going places. - 154 Weeks

Pausing at the grocery store to sing Ren's new obsession, "It's the End of the World as We Know It."
The next morning Ren asks, "Mommy? Can we go to Target and get a Michael Stipe doll?"  - 155 Weeks

"Sunny days...sweeping the clouds away...on our way to where the air is sweet..." - 156 Weeks

THE. COUNT. OH EM GEE. - 157 Weeks

At home, Ren LITERALLY play-pretends posing for photos with his favorite friends.
I think it's paid off. - 157 Weeks

In some ways, visiting this sign in the hotel would have been enough. - 157 Weeks

Daddy, I got this. - 157 Weeks

Daddy, you got this. - 157 Weeks

Au revoir fare city... - 157 Weeks

Friday, November 17, 2017


How can we have this much fun when there is so much suffering in the world? - 149 Weeks

Dude, I'm ready. - 150 Weeks

First Tinkle - 151 Weeks

Late Summer Dinner - 152 Weeks


Mommy Starts Grad School, Ren Starts Undergrad - 144 Weeks

Rendependence - 144 Weeks

What's Up Doc? - 145 Weeks

"I'm going to take over the world." [said in a whisper] - 146 Weeks

Get 'em started early... -146 Weeks

Last Day of Montessori Summer Camp - 147 Weeks

Goddard Love - 148 Weeks


Puzzle Master - 140 Weeks

Three Days in NYC - 141 Weeks

Montessori School Picnic - 142 Weeks

I Am Iron Man - 143 Weeks


Front Facing Kid - 136 Weeks

Front Facing Family - 137 Weeks

Front Yard Foreshadow - 138 Weeks

Front Wheel Drive - 139 Weeks


"I wanna push the button." - 131 Weeks
Story Time at Starr Library - 132 Weeks
No really, kids, it's fun. 133 Weeks
Deep Thoughts - 134 Weeks
1st Play: The Gingerbread Man, starring Ren as the Baker - 135 Weeks

Thursday, June 29, 2017

"One day son, this will all be yours."

130 Weeks

"Once you've established your plan and we can see that it's working, then I'll feel comfortable charging you," said the nicest smartest money lady in upstate New York.

After Ren was only a few weeks old, I called a highly respected, local financial planner referred to me by a friend. We've met with her four times now and have accomplished maybe ten-percent of the advice she's given us each time... because we forget... each time. It's kind of like joining a gym every six months just to go through the equipment orientation.

This time, while we admitted we still had not set an attorney appointment, as recommended, to discuss our last will and testament, we were proud to share that we'd finally called to get a new password to the financial website that locked us out after too many log in attempts. Big steps towards our future. Giant.

Ren, we leave you everything.* If you can find where we put it.

*This is probably our actual last will and testament.